Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a patent search? For every idea that you have you need to find out whether it is new, or whether if you were to proceed you risk treading on another’s toes, and infringing any rights they may have in place.  And if it is new, and therefore patentable, you need to know how best to protect the idea from being easily copied by your competitors.  A patent search is a great way to filter out your ideas, to ensure that you concentrate your best efforts on those ideas with mileage.  Click here to read more about our patent searching services.

Why are Venture Proof’s services so much more reasonable than other IP services? We realise that the patent process can be an expensive one, so we strive to keep our fixed-price packages as low as possible.  We don’t want you sitting on lots of ideas, unsure which ones to take further, when this part of the jigsaw need not cost the earth.  We want to help you to develop and protect the best ones.

Do you provide a full range of patent and protection services? Whatever your design, concept, business or idea, Venture Proof can help.  We do everything for you – from initial searches and advice right through to professional drafting and filing of the patents, trade marks and registered designs that you need to protect your next venture. 

What makes you different to the other patent searching services? Your idea is handled by a Patent Attorney.  We don’t employ search monkeys or office staff.  From the moment you send us your idea, one of our UK and European Patent Attorneys will ensure that you are provided with all of the advice and support that you need.  This makes the process personal, professional and efficient.

How is my idea kept confidential? The only people who will see your idea are fully-qualified Patent Attorneys, who are bound by the Code of Conduct of their Institute to keep all dealings confidential.  If however, for your own peace of mind, you would prefer to have a confidentiality agreement in place prior to telling us about your idea, please send us an email with your full name and postal address.  Click here for details about how to contact us.

What types of ideas have you helped so far? We’ve helped people with ideas in so many different market sectors.  These include medical products and devices, packaging concepts, toys and games, renewable energy generators and consumer goods.  It’s always great when we are sent a new idea that makes you have one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments.  We’ve helped a team of innovators through our SEARCH package to pick out the winning ideas.  We’ve helped a University with our DISCOVER service to evaluate their student inventions.  Give us a call to see how we can help you.

How can I send you an idea? We accept ideas in all different formats, and we encourage you to come to us with those very early-stage ideas.  The sort that only really exist as a scribble in a sketchbook.  We just need to understand what problem your idea solves, and how it achieves this – ideally accompanied with a sketch.  We will of course come back to you if we need further information.  Click here to read more about our fixed-price packages.

What if I have lots of ideas – can I send them all in? Absolutely!  We have designed our services to suit the everyday entrepreneur, bubbling over with lots of new ideas.  Our SEARCH package can be just the ticket to help to filter ideas generated during a brainstorming session.  Find out more about this package here.

 How long does a search take?  From the date that we receive payment for your fixed-price package, we aim to have the results with you within 10 working days.