We help investors, businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups protect their great ideas and products.  Our initial advice is free, so if you have any questions at all, give us a call 0203 086 8110 or send us an email advice@ventureproof.com.  Our Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys are on hand to give you all the advice that you need.

Whatever your idea, invention, design or business, Venture Proof can help.  We offer a full range of services – from initial searches and advice right through to preparing and filing applications, and prosecution of those applications.  We cover patents, trade marks and registered designs. The first step for any idea is to find out if it is new, and if you can protect it.  We have a number of fixed-price packages to do just that.  You can read more about these below.

FREE Advice Pack  A must have first step to protecting your invention, business or website.  Includes our top 10 tips and tricks to protect your latest venture.  Click here to download your copy.

SEARCH Patents  A crucial first step for any invention, business or entrepreneur. An initial worldwide patent search to see if your idea or invention is new.  A report listing our findings within 10 working days. Click here to buy now.

PRO Patents  If you are at all serious about your invention, business or idea this is a must have package. We provide important professional advice from a Chartered UK and European Patent Attorney. Our package includes a comprehensive worldwide patent search, a full report listing our findings and qualified advice on how best to protect your invention, business or idea within 10 working days. Click here to buy now.

SEARCH Trade Marks  Find out if you can legally use your business, product or brand name. An initial trade mark search within UK and Europe. A report listing our findings within 10 working days.  Click here to buy now.

PRO Trade Marks  Vital if you want to protect your product, your business or your brand. Key advice from a Chartered UK and European Trade Mark Attorney on how to protect your business. A comprehensive trade mark search across the UK, Europe and USA with a full report on our findings within 10 working days.  Click here to buy now.

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