With the London Olympic Games in full swing, we thought there was no time like the present to show you some inventive training aids for Olympic sports.  We’ve dug deep into the archives of patent literature, to find some interesting training solutions that might just be the ticket to help an athlete go for Gold!

Bolt to the Finish – US2011218076

For the ultimate in sprint training aid, this device is rather like a giant bungee rope, that yanks you towards that finishing line, allowing you to travel at the speed of Usain Bolt.

Leap like Idowu – US6135921

This interesting contraption not only provides you with a spring-loaded launching board to help practice the long jump and triple jump, but it also gives you dangly items to leap for.

Reach for the Sky – US5597376

Just the ticket for high jump training.  This device is designed to stop you from being able to jump in the first place!

Shoot like the Dream Team – US8152660

Strap this device to your waist, to simulate a defender shoving their hand in your face, blocking your view of the net.

Life’s a Beach – US2011269579

Practice your beach volleyball strikes with this handy volleyball net.  Simply mount in position, load the ball and strike away!

Keep your Chin Up – US2003101945

A head stabiliser for equestrian jumping – don’t look down!

Swing well in the Gym – US2006234833

A support system to gain confidence when swinging from the parallel bars – although it might get in the way of your dismount!

Bow and No-Arrow – WO2011016831

A training aid Robin Hood would be proud of!  This device allows you to flex those muscles involved in Archery, without the need to launch an arrow each time.

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